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Our listing of Coaches for Hire

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People who train with us are generally already professionals in their own right, and are either adding coaching to their existing skill set or preparing to work as full-time coaches. The Coaches on this page have completed a five month, rigorous, in-depth training, and may also have completed, or are currently engaged in, an advanced development programme designed to take them to accredited coach level. They are committed to excellence in practice. 

We are delighted to support our students in gaining further practice hours by inviting you to engage with them directly for your coaching session or programme.

The process is straightforward:

  • Please contact your Coach directly (profiles below). This information is private; it is shared only with the Coach of your choice. 
  • You and your Coach will discuss the parameters of the agreement directly: what you want from being coached; any costs involved and the roles and responsibilities of each of you in the coaching assignment.
  • You and your Coach arrange sessions between you: frequency; duration; cancellation policy. 

The Coaches entering into these assignments are in regular supervision, participate in continuing professional development
and are bound to uphold and abide by the International Coach Federation's Code of Ethics.

Any arrangements made are between you and the Coach.
Coaching Development receives no fee for these listings and has no part in any arrangement between coach and coachee.
Coaching Development believes in the quality of work its trainees do, but cannot accept responsibility for the work done.

Please click on the profiles below to contact your Coach.
  • Anna Markovits
  • Caroline Szumilewicz
  • Clare Alarie
  • Danielle Gerlag
  • Gina Ryan
  • Graham Watt
  • Jennifer Howells
  • Laura James
  • Laurence Galland
  • Mark Landon
  • Mark Davis
  • Mazvita Horton
  • Nickie Rose
  • Nicole Weiner
  • Patricia Blackshields
  • Prarthana Rao
  • Rachelle Watson-Nyeko
  • Sharon Ryan
  • Susan Went