Coaching & Our Philosophy

At its heart, coaching is a process of deceptive simplicity and power. Coaching is future-oriented and focuses on individual growth and development.

It is a series of purposeful conversations which enables an individual to move towards his or her goals, and it typically involves some form of personal change.

Its purpose is to enable clients to clarify what they want, unstick themselves when they feel stuck, and find the resources to meet the challenges along their chosen path.

Coaching is not about advising, telling or influencing; and, though it can be therapeutic in its effect, it is not therapy or counselling.

The coach is a facilitative partner to the client on their journey of personal learning and development. The client decides on the agenda, and the coach is responsible for keeping the process productively on track. To this end the coach skilfully listens, questions, reflects, encourages, challenges and supports.

Coaching Development’s approach is to develop coaches, rather than 'teach coaching’.

If your main interest is in acquiring tools and techniques for directing, controlling or shaping others' actions, then you will probably not enjoy our coach training courses.

If you are interested in moving beyond technique and  seek to develop within yourself the deeper awareness, attitudes and skills essential to effective coaching, then these are the courses for you.


"The Coaching Development course has been an extraordinary experience. I had expected the course to be particularly rigorous and un-formulaic, which is why I had chosen it over other possible courses, but I hadn’t expected the course to impact in such a major way - for the better - on other aspects of my life."

(Delscey Burns - Coach)