FREE 1-day Introduction to Coaching

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Hello and welcome to our free 1-day Introduction to Coaching.

Join Colin Brett, Founder, and Director of Training, who facilitates these learning days online. If you select which day you'd like to attend, we’ll reserve and confirm a space for you. 

What does the day offer?

It’s a day-long experiential opportunity for you to explore coaching in a safe, engaged environment. You will leave with a clear understanding of what coaching is and isn't; how it sits along-side the other talking modalities; what it would be like to train with us, and whether professional coach training is for you.

This may be a good investment of your time if:

  • You’re curious about what coaching actually is
  • You’ve never tried it before, but would like to
  • You're thinking about a change in career direction
  • You'd like to incorporate coaching in your current skillset/role
  • Your current organisation would like to adopt a coaching approach 
  • You’d like to gain a practical understanding of what coaching is and how to do it
  • You think an opportunity to explore our approach to training would be useful

During the day we will work through such topics as:

  • Contracting and the importance of it
  • Core Competencies (as set down by the International Coaching Federation)
  • Comparisons between Formal and Informal Coaching
  • Definitions (as set down by the International Coaching Federation)
  • Practice Sessions (am and pm for comparison)
  • Live Coaching Demonstration and a Feedback Session based on it
  • Levels of Listening
  • Questioning
  • Q&A Session and more..!

It's FREE?

We recognise that signing up to a coach training involves work, time, effort, energy, finance and commitment. We thought the opportunity to join us for an experiential day may be useful in your decision-making process.

Although the majority of those joining will be exploring training options, these days are also about ‘coach education’; for those who would like to learn more about what coaching is…

Our promise to you:

  • No selling! We will not attempt to sell our programmes to you on the day; it is a safe learning space. 
  • We will be open and honest with you and tell you anything you want to know about us, our approach and our training.
  • This day embodies Coaching Development’s usual approach to training offering the deepest professional integrity and incorporating highly experiential, in-depth, adult-to-adult development.
  • We will be clear about the objectives for the day and partner with you to meet these - this is our commitment to your learning.
  • Opportunities to practice, take advantage of feedback, collaborate and experience practical translation of the skillset.
  • Our training material is accredited by the International Coach Federation - the leading global body for professional coaching and coaches.

About Coaching Development:

Coaching Development has been established for over 20 years and is one of the premier international coach training institutes. Based in the UK, we have trained hundreds of coaches across the world and are proud to state that the majority of our graduates come to us via personal recommendation. The programmes we offer will equip you to practice in any sector: executive, business, individual, wellness, academia, fitness, therapeutic and many more; they are aimed at developing your skillset as a coach in any context.


If you’d like an informal chat about any aspects of the introductory day or our training you’re very welcome to give Isy a call on: 020 8541 1313


ONLINE on: Sunday, 2nd June; Tuesday, 2nd July; Sunday, 6th October; Saturday, 2nd November, 2024.
Timing 9.00am - 5.00pm
Booking Booking is easy: just call us on 020 8541 1313, send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or to make an enquiry use the enquiry form below.
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