The Team

The trainers are passionate about learning and passionate about us as learners, providing us not with mystical solutions but empowering us with knowledge and helping us develop the skills to make our own life changes.

Kelvin Burd - Centrica

Coaching Development was created in 2002 to provide coach training courses of the highest professional standard. A deep understanding and experience of coaching, together with highly developed training and facilitation skills are reflected in an outstanding training team:

Colin Brett PCC, BA (Hons), MA, MSc, MA, MAPPCP

Colin has been a Professional Certified Coach (ICF) since 2008, and has been working in the area of personal and professional development for the last 30 years. He holds a number of qualifications in the fields of psychotherapy and counselling, and is a British Association for Counselling Accredited Counsellor, a Training and Supervising Transactional Analyst (in Organisations), and once upon a time a qualified NLP Trainer. He has trained extensively in constellation work and spiritual healing, and is currently working towards ordination. Colin also holds qualifications in training and credentialling. Colin’s area of particular interest as a coach lies in how people can stop stopping themselves, and make the most of their lives. His experience includes supporting top teams to become high performing teams, assisting entrepreneurs to co-create useful and functioning relationships with each other, and with individuals to combine coaching and psychology to plan the future they want to have. In Coaching Development, he is keen to create the best learning experience possible. He is a life-long learner, a linguist and a traveller. He likes anchovies and dislikes coriander. 

Barry Joinson PCC

Barry is a trainer, facilitator, mediator and Professional Certified Coach (ICF). With over 20 years’ experience in international human resources and leadership development, Barry’s interest now lies in supporting people to make learning their own. With a focus on enabling individuals to understand the value of their unique contribution and style, he works with emerging and established leadership teams to assist them in realising the collective potential. During his career he has worked across varied sectors including professional and financial services, NGO’s, security and defence, media and aviation. This broad range of experience equips him with an approach that is insightful, provocative and usefully challenging. Barry has mentored and observed on many occasions for Coaching Development on the Part I Diploma. He believes that coaching is a hugely powerful intervention for positive change.

Karen Pratt PCC, TSTA(E)

Karen Pratt  PCC, TSTA (E), has worked with Coaching Development in South Africa for many years.

Karen has been immersed in the people development arena since 2008 - as a professional coach, coach supervisor, and trainer.

She is based in South Africa and is one of the forerunners in making Transactional Analysis practical and understandable across many areas of learning - from community organisations in her own country, to teachers in India, and to professional coaches and coach supervisors across the world.

Karen holds the international TA certification of a Training and Supervising Transactional Analyst (TSTA) in the educational field, and Diplomas in Coaching, Coach Supervision and Appreciative Inquiry. 

She facilitates the TA 101 and TA 202 programmes twice each year and has many years of online learning experience, creating a safe and energetic learning space in which people from diverse cultures can have authentic and transformative learning encounters.

Karen is Co-Chair of the Professional Standards Committee of the International Transactional Analysis Association and is engaged in an exciting & radical review of the process of professional TA training & certification to account for social, ecological and pedagogical inclusion. 

Her book, that combines the usefulness of TA as the psychological framework for coaching, Transactional Analysis Coaching (Routledge, 2021) has been well received across the world and has already been translated into Japanese and French. She has contributed chapters for two TA books and has 12 published articles in various TA publications.

Karen is most alive when facilitating learning in a co-creative way. Her focus encompasses both the learning of skills, as well as the deepening of a sense of being within the skills.

Léda Turai-Petrauskiene MA, MSc, MCC, ACTC

Leda is a distinguished coaching expert with over 20 years of experience spanning the academic and corporate sectors. In the realm of leadership and executive coaching Leda stands out due to her compassionate approach and astute observational skills. Her conviction in the transformative power of team coaching emphasises the importance of collaboration and collective endeavour. From start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, Leda has been a steadfast guide in facilitating executives, leaders and teams through complex dynamics and aiding them in the realisation of their aspirations. Her commitment to elevating individuals and teams is evident in every coaching and training session, setting the stage for participants to enhance their capabilities and leave a profound impact in their professional and personal lives.

Dino Laudato MSc, PCC, RQi

Dino is an executive coach and facilitator who specialises in working with senior leaders to develop their communication and leadership styles. He has a successful track record of implementing change at an individual and organisational level. His 30 year career spans senior leadership and programme Director roles, with extensive international experience, having lived and worked in the middle east, far east, mainland Europe, UK & USA. With a background in driving efficiencies and enabling high productivity as a means of achieving a competitive business advantage, he is well equipped to support those he works with in navigating organisational and personal change.

Facilitating one-to-one and/or group sessions in a wide range of industries including pharmaceutical R&D and manufacturing, information technology, construction, financial, FMCG, charities, armed forces, start-ups, academia and consultancy, Dino is passionate about helping leaders communicate in a way that makes the complex simple, speaking the language of business and influencing in a way that is natural and authentic.

Top 5 Specialisms: • Stakeholder engagement and influence • Leadership impact and identity • Transition into senior/board level roles • Leading business transformation • High performing teams.

Esmee, Russell PCC

Esmee carries out observations on the Professional Coaching Skills Programme – after falling in love with coaching while attending that very programme! She has since gone on to become a Professional Certified Coach (ICF) as well as a facilitator and consultant.

Her interest lies in how people connect with each other – and what can make this tricky and complex on occasion. With compassion at the heart of her coaching, she works with individuals and teams to help them evaluate how their thoughts and beliefs impact how they interact with everyone around them.

Prior to discovering coaching, Esmee worked within the not-for-profit sector, leading UK and international teams to deliver impactful and sustainable campaigns which included increasing access to water and sanitation, equity within healthcare and tackling age discrimination.

Deryn Holland PCC, BA, MEd., PGCE, MCIPD

Deryn is a coach, trainer and leadership consultant, holding the Professional Certified Coach credential of the International Coach Federation. She has held senior leadership positions in education, the BBC and in the private sector, and worked with the Center for Creative Leadership, the Metropolitan Police, UNESCO and the British Council. She has a deep interest in international and cross-cultural work and is respected for her innovation in adult learning and putting learning into practice. Her clients now include multi-national companies, major charities, local authorities, schools and universities and the media.”Coaching is a wonderful and challenging way for people to find their own learning. To be a party to that learning is a privilege.”

Dr Sandra Wilson (DProf Coaching Psychology), MProf, MA, BA, MCC (ICF)

Sandra’s particular area of interest is the unconscious mind and how our early life experiences influence our thoughts, feelings, behaviours and actions. Sandra works with individuals to identify their growing edge and through reflective dialogue supports their liberation from living life in a pre-determined way. She believes that the journey to Mastery starts after professional accreditation. Her view is that Mastery may be achieved through embarking on a journey of self-discovery, self-acceptance, self-awareness and self-regulation.

In addition to her academic qualifications, Sandra has a Diploma in Coaching; is a Certified Transactional Analyst (Organisational) and a Teaching & Supervising Transactional Analyst (Organisational). She is Level B qualified in the use of psychometric tests and personality profiles. Sandra is also a qualified Business Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming. She has achieved Master Certified Coach level with the International Coach Federation.

Tracy Sinclair MCC

Tracy is an MCC with the ICF and works as a Mentor Coach with coaches working towards their ACC or PCC credentials. She also offers supervision to both new and experienced coaches as part of their on-going professional and personal growth. Tracy has mentored and undertaken observations on several occasions for Coaching Development on the Professional Coaching Skills programme as well being a speaker at one of their summer schools. Tracy is passionate about the transformational possibilities of coaching and believes in the immense benefit that mentor coaching and supervision offers to both the coach and the coaching profession.