OnlineDiploma in Reflective Practice and Coach Supervision

Beginning 26th July 2024

Who is this training for?

If you're a seasoned coach who would like to expand your professional portfolio and train as a supervisor, an in-house supervisor looking to develop your reflective practice, or a coach working towards the ICF’s MCC, this training is an excellent opportunity to deepen your skill set and learn how to develop a meta perspective in both your thinking and practice.

Coaching Development is co-leading the profession in developing and supporting the growth of coach supervision with its Diploma in Reflective Practice and Coach Supervision. This Diploma is designed to build a body of well-trained, informed supervisors who understand the ethics, responsibilities, practices and defining features of the coaching profession. Coaching Development sees supervision not as advanced coach training, but as a parallel profession which serves and supports the coaching community.

I cannot speak highly enough of both Barry and Karen. They are professional and expert in their field. They share with humility and role model all of the time. I have learned so much just by being with them and observing how they respond to each of us, to us as a group, to the topics, the context. They form a large part of the rich tapestry of the programme. - Chrissie, 2023

Coaching Development’s approach to supervision

Supervision consists of two areas, the reflection and analysis of the coach’s practice and the professional development of the coach. A typical supervision session will help the coach think more deeply and to reflect on their work, especially where ‘the personal intrudes on the professional’. The thinking behind this is that development is not only about external practice, but equally about internal change, for example reducing the coach's blind spots (which include biases, assumptions, limiting beliefs, etc.).

This programme, and supervision in general, is much more than just talking about case work, it’s an opportunity for growth and change for the coach as a person and as a professional. 

Reflective practice (RP) is a form of adult learning, whereby one of the parties reflects on a situation with a co-thinker, uses models to understand the situation, analyses it, comes to a new understanding and, based on this, designs an experiment to try out. The ‘supervisor’ in this context is a thinking partner who enriches the conversation by bringing a 'psychological mindedness' and invites deeper personal reflection. RP is increasingly popular among executives and is sometimes called ‘executive supervision’.

RP is very similar to coach supervision and valued in organisations as a way of helping executives use psychological models to think about their challenges and design a way forward. RP also contributes to the executive’s self-awareness and personal change. The relationship and the process are slightly different from supervision, but the two traditions are close cousins. 

What makes this training unique?

Like all of Coaching Development’s programmes, this one is a blend of theory, practice, reflection and personal development. It is experiential, rich in information, rigorous and developmental. It invites participants to learn from using the tried and tested methods of supervision, but also to think beneath the surface and be curious about what might be happening with and between the people involved. (Supervisor, coach/supervisee, client, system.) You can expect to develop an internal 'self-supervisor', as well as the skills and attitudes of a professional one.

During the programme you will be watching, analysing and discussing a number of supervision sessions made by colleagues who have been formally trained in supervision and who have been working in the field for years. 

We spend time on the ICF’s frameworks at Associate and Professional level, and offer a definition of mentor coaching that shows how it is separate from supervision.

'Amazingly Life changing and eye opening, mind opening, gut opening and heart opening. It was a wonderful journey of discovery where we were well led, guided and supported by the experienced trainers. Barry and Karen were very different from each other in my view, and each brought different perspectives and insights to the learning.  Yet they shared a lot in common – both were experts in their field, real role models, there to serve others, and I felt they held at their core the same strong values and beliefs about their work, the students, and the desire to change the world for the better. They created such a safe learning space that I’m sure accelerated development and enabled far more to be achieved in such a short space of time. - Joanna, 2023

Application process

To make sure that this course is philosophically and practically suited to you, there is an intake process which gives you an experience of the rest of the programme. Please see the attached information document (click on link below).

Further information

Further information about this training is contained in the document below.

Diploma in Reflective Practice and Coach Supervision - Information Document

If you have any further queries please contact us using the enquiry form below or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call the office on 020 8541 1313.


Summer 2024 - Online
Timing 9am start and 5pm finish (UK)
Dates Days 1 and 2 - Friday 26th and Saturday 27th July
Days 3 and 4 - Friday 6th and Saturday 7th September
Days 5 and 6 - Monday 14th and Tuesday 15th October
Days 7 and 8 - Thursday 21st and Friday 22nd November
Fee £3,950 + VAT
Platform Zoom platform
Facilitators Barry Joinson and Karen Pratt
Language UK English

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