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(Part I Diploma in Coaching) - Beginning 27th October 2024

Developing the Individual as a Coach

On our Professional Coaching Skills coach training course you will develop the attitudes and learn the skills of an effective professional coach. Through continuing practice, observation and feedback, you will have the opportunity to become highly proficient.

Our purpose is not simply to provide you with a toolkit of powerful techniques and processes. Techniques have their place and can be useful in moving us forward in various ways, but the point for us is that essentially it will be you, as a coach, who develops.

We will question, encourage, challenge and support you in your learning. In other words you will be coached throughout the coach training course. You will have the opportunity to develop yourself so that coaching becomes an authentic part of who you are.

As you develop your self-awareness you will become more able to ‘get out of your own way’, and out of the way of your clients. You will become able to listen and question more deeply and accurately, be more aware of your perceptions, insights and intuitions, and become more skilled in communicating simply, honestly and effectively.

As you increasingly bring this way of being to your work, you will become more and more able to be truly present with, and for, your clients. The quality of your attention and engagement will become a catalyst which accelerates your clients’ progress; they will feel affirmed, extended, liberated, energized and stimulated to grow. They will increasingly develop themselves into who and what they want to be.

We are passionate about the development of coaching as a profession, and committed to the pursuit of excellence based on clear ethical standards, thorough training and continuing professional development.

We have designed a stimulating, demanding and enjoyable coach training course that will bring out and develop your own inherent knowledge and abilities. We think you will find this a deeply fulfilling journey.


At the end of the coach training course, provided you have fulfilled attendance and completed the basic course work, you will receive a Coaching Development Certificate confirming that you have completed our Professional Coaching Skills recognised by the ICF as ACSTH (see below).

Today’s rapidly growing marketplace demands a recognised qualification. Our Diploma in Coaching, comprising Part I: Professional Coaching Skills and Part II: Developing Mastery, has been awarded Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP) status by the International Coach Federation (ICF), the world’s foremost independent professional coaching body.

The 135 training hours undertaken during the Professional Coaching Skills coach training course are recognised as ICF Approved Coach Specific Training Hours (ACSTH). This means certificate graduates have met the training requirements for ICF accreditation at Associate Certified Coach (ACC) and Professional Certified Coach (PCC) levels.

Certificate graduates are eligible to go on to continue with Developing Mastery. At the end of the Diploma in Coaching, graduates have satisfied all the major requirements for ICF’s ACC level credential, and the training and examination requirements for ICF’s PCC level credential.

“If you are looking for training and a professional qualification that has some rigour to it, then I can recommend the Coaching Development course unreservedly. I was amazed at how much I learned about myself and how much my coaching skills developed, even after having done another ICF-accredited course.”

(Peter Ginnings - Executive Coach)

Coaching Course Content

Our teaching style reflects a person-centred approach to adult learning. Our principal method is experiential learning: learning by doing, coupled with personal reflection and exploration. We include mini-lectures, course notes, discussion groups, experiential work in twos and threes, video input and recorded assessments.

Learning is facilitated by two trainers, presenting independently and in partnership, and supported by a select group of observers. Places on our coach training courses are limited to ensure that each student is regularly observed and receives detailed feedback from the trainers as well as the observers.

During the coach training course you should allow about five hours per week for reading, peer coaching practice and written work.

"The most thorough and fulfilling training/learning I have ever participated in!"

(Karen Hayes)

Training Methods

This is an original coach training course teaching best professional theory and practice. The coaching course's primary focus is to develop and refine our inherent interpersonal skills, such as perceptive, empathic listening and questioning, and our ability to engage with others so as to create real connection, clarity, choice and forward action.

We build on this foundation with a thorough training in the co-active coaching model, together with selected processes from Neuro-Linguistic Programming. We think it is valuable to have a psychological model to aid our thinking and have chosen Transactional Analysis, widely used in business and personal development. Throughout the coach training course the International Coach Federation (ICF) Core Competencies provide the criteria and framework for evaluating participants’ growing coaching skills.

If you would like further details about the programme curriculum, please contact us.

Entry Requirements

There are no formal course prerequisites; our Professional Coaching Skills coach training course is open to everyone. During the application process we will, however, take the time to discuss your needs and expectations to check that this coaching course is a good fit for you.

Our coach training course attracts mature and motivated people from a wide range of backgrounds. We find the learning experience co-created with such a diverse and committed group is very powerful. We believe you will too.


Autumn 2024 - Online
Timing 9am start and 5pm finish (UK)
Dates 27th & 28th October; 1st & 2nd December; 5th & 6th January; 9th & 10th February; 9th & 10th March; 6th & 7th April; 11th & 12th May.
Platform Zoom
Trainers Barry Joinson and Colin Brett
Fees £5,650 + VAT 
Language UK English

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