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This training course, Coaching Essentials, is designed for individuals wanting a thorough grounding in fundamental coaching skills, as well as for organisations wishing to develop an internal coaching capability. This 10-day coach course has been accredited by the ICF as providing 60+ hours of approved coach specific training (ACSTH). We will train you in the necessary knowledge and skills to apply to take the ICF examination for the Associate Certified Coach (ACC) credential.

Course Approach

Coaching Essentials provides essential coach training in all the core coaching competencies as defined by the ICF. Through taught input and experiential work, with extensive practice, observation and feedback, you develop the knowledge, attitudes and skills required of a skilled, ethical coach. It is a high quality, thorough first training in coaching which will be invaluable for people who wish to integrate coaching into their professional lives.

Programme Aim

This 10-day coach training course is designed to offer a thorough training in fundamental coaching skills. At the end of the training element, you will:

  • Develop coaching skills (as specified by the International Coach Federation’s core coaching competencies) to Associate Certified Coach (ACC) level;
  • Integrate knowledge across a number of key coaching subject areas;
  • Integrate the practical application of coaching models, tools and competencies;
  • Contextualise coaching within the wider field of learning and development, and leadership.

 The group mentoring doubles as an assessment of ‘where am I now?’ and a ‘where to from here?’

ICF Accredited Training Hours

Coaching Essentials provides Accredited Coach Specific Training Hours (ACSTH) taken from our Accredited Coach Training Programme which has been approved by the International Coach Federation, the leading (and only truly global) organisation representing professional coaching and coaches. For those delegates who wish to pursue an ICF credential, Coaching Essentials meets the ICF’s requirement for the training hours necessary for the entry level credential, the Associate Certified Coach.

Philosophy of Coaching and Training

Our philosophy of coaching is that the coachee is creative, resourceful and whole. This means that the client can think for himself, and the coach’s job is to evoke and further the client’s thinking. Secondly, we teach that the coach is the facilitator of the process, in which the client is responsible for the content. Hence, the coach asks effective questions, and listens actively to the responses and thus the coachee makes progress towards their desired goal. The coach elicits the answers within.

Our training approach is similar. We assume that you would like to learn through doing, rather than only reading. The theory we teach is directly connected with the practice of coaching, and is always followed by an experience in some way. The important part here is that you make sense of the theory and can in some way integrate it into your developing skill set.

Course Content

This training course will cover the following topics, though not necessarily in the given order.  Module 1 will provide a broad understanding and experience of all the key competencies to enable you to begin practising coaching with your peers immediately. Then, throughout the following modules, we will return to specific topics and explore them in greater depth. These are:

  1. Core coaching competencies (ICF).
  2. Distinctions between mentoring, counselling, etc.
  3. The fundamental coaching attitude. ‘Coaching presence’.
  4. The coaching process.
  5. The essential coaching contract – defining purpose / focus / desired outcome.
  6. Co-designing and contracting the coaching relationship.
  7. Developing trust, rapport, empathy.
  8. Active listening skills; listening and reflecting at depth.
  9. Observation skills.
  10. Questioning skills; powerful questions.
  11. Creating awareness.
  12. Action orientation.
  13. Accountability.
  14. Attitudes, assumptions, beliefs, values.
  15. Support and challenge.
  16. States and optimal state for coaching.
  17. Working with strong emotions.
  18. Specific tools and processes.

Where and which language?

This 10-day face-to-face training programme is offered in Helsinki in Finnish (in partnership with the Management Institute of Finland) and in Vilnius in Lithuanian by Leda. You can read more about Leda on the trainers’ page. For dates and locations, see our calendar or individual descriptions.


Our public programmes are open to anyone over 25. We contact you on registration and offer you a mutual interview.
To receive the Coaching Essentials Certificate you need to have attended 80% of the training days as well have taken part in the peer coaching.

Fees and availability

See individual course descriptions for fees, locations and dates. Each course is matched to local requirements.

Coaching Essentials is available to organisations on an in-house and bespoke basis.

It can also be provided as a public coach training course in countries outside the UK and Ireland. Anyone wishing to host this programme is welcome to contact us.

All enquiries should be directed to: mail@coachingdevelopment

Coaching Essentials
Where Riga, Latvia
When Further dates to be advised
Fee On application
Booking Please call the office on +44 (0)20 8541 1313 to book your place or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Coaching Essentials
Where Vilnius, Lithuania
When Further dates to be advised
Fee On application
Booking Please call the office on +44 (0)20 8541 1313 to book your place or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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