Transactional Analysis Foundation Year


We are pleased to offer a programme for professionals who want to develop a psychodynamic approach to their work. This programme will be of interest to a diverse range of professionals including coaches, counsellors, consultants and those working in HR and organisation design.

Transactional Analysis, or TA as it is more commonly known, is both a theory of personality and a system for the improvement of personal and social functioning within the humanistic tradition.

The philosophy of TA emphasises that respect and empathic acceptance are essential.  Its practice is based on a contract between the practitioner and the client in which they take equal responsibility towards common goals.  The method and concepts are made open to the client on the understanding that power is shared.

Transactional Analysis provides a systematic approach to understanding the links between human needs and behaviours, and the ways that organisations and those within them are effective or ineffective in establishing relationships, solving problems and serving their clients and stakeholders.  TA is a robust psychological framework for developing individuals, teams and whole organisations.

It offers a robust set of integrated theories that enrich professional practice.  These theories  can be used to help practitioners understand their own attitudes and re-frame their identity.  The accessible models support the professional’s work with clients to promote growth, development and change.

This 150-hour programme (18 days) will be a rich blend of theory and practical application. Participants will have the opportunity to test the theory in practice and to consider how they might apply TA within the context of their professional assignments.  Some time will be set aside on each module for supervision.

The workshop leaders are Colin Brett and Sandra Wilson.  Colin and Sandra are both internationally accredited Teaching & Supervising Transactional Analysts in the Organisational field of TA.  Both are qualified, experienced coaches who hold credentials from the International Coach Federation.  In addition to their credentials in TA and Coaching, they both bring significant experience from the professional world of consulting and organisation development.

Trainer Bios

Colin Brett BA (Hons), MA, MSc, MA, MAPPCP, TSTA(O), PCC, BACP Senior PractitionerColin Brett

He is the Founder and Director of Coaching Development, one of the UK’s foremost providers of accredited Coach training and has supported hundreds of individuals through their Associate, Professional and Master Coach levels and onward in their continuing professional development in supervision, mindfulness, transactional analysis and team coaching.

Among other accreditations Colin is a Professional Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation (there are approximately 250 in the UK), an accredited Coach Supervisor, a Teaching and Supervising Transactional Analyst in Organisations (one of six in the UK), an NLP coach and a Senior Practitioner with the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy. 

His interest focuses in on the mind of the organisation, developing positive leadership and why some psychology has an impact.  

Dr Sandra Wilson (DProf Coaching Psychology), MProf, MA, BA, MCC (ICF)Ryan Behrman

Sandra is internationally accredited to teach and supervise others in the organisational application of Transactional Analysis (TA). She uses TA to develop her client's understanding of the unique role the unconscious plays in how human beings interact, communicate and build relationships. She teaches TA to Coaches to support the development of a philosophy based approach to building their coaching framework.

A Master Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation, Sandra was awarded a Professional Masters Equivalent in Coaching, in 2009, based on recognition and accreditation of learning. She has recently been awarded a Doctorate.  The research subject being “The impact of the coach’s unconscious mind on the coaching process”.

I define coaching as “An insight and action-oriented development intervention focussed on increasing the coachee’s effectiveness in his or her operating environment”. 

Certification and CCEU's

Requisites and Outcomes
Certification Participants who complete all 18 days will be given a Coaching Development Certificate in Applied Transactional Analysis, but will not (yet) be able to claim that they are trained Transactional Analysts. Options for further training will be discussed at the end of the Foundation Year. 
CCEU's 63.5 CCEUs (Core Competencies) and 71.5 CCEUs (Resource Development).


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