OnlineTransactional Analysis Foundation Year

Beginning 25th January 2025

Transactional Analysis Foundation Year (TAFY)

This online program is a year long in depth journey into Transactional Analysis (TA) that will deepen the TA learning already gained in the TA 101 and TA 202. It takes all the foundational TA frameworks met in the TA 101 (over 2 days) and explores them in much greater depth over 12 days - 1 day a month from January to December.

The Relationship between TA and Coaching

Professional Coaching involves participants learning and demonstrating a required set of coaching competencies. Transactional Analysis provides the psychological understanding to enable the coach to demonstrate the coaching competencies in a meaningful partnership with a wide range of different coachees. Coaching describes a set of competencies - the ‘what to do’ - and Transactional Analysis provides the framework for the deeper aspect of the ‘what to notice and challenge’ and how to support the coachee in making new meaning. It powerfully supports the aspect of ‘coaching the person’. It assists the coach to more readily notice and challenge beliefs, values, patterns of behaviour and identity in a respectful partnership of mutual respect. It has frameworks for working with culture, context and power in an equitable and inclusive way.

It supports the deepening into the PCC markers (in terms of self awareness and deeper psychological mindedness) and would offer a powerful adjunct to the Developing Mastery program.

Course Approach to Learning

Sound pedagogical learning principles are applied. There are comprehensive handouts and slides for each webinar, engaging visuals in the plenary learning and many opportunities for small group interactions to make the frameworks come alive for you in your unique context.

This program provides a unique opportunity to experience learning within a diverse group of coaches which offers rich opportunities to live into the principles of diversity, inclusion and equity. The group is a closed group - much of the depth of learning  comes through the lived experiences and process of the group as the frameworks are explored.


There are two main intended outcomes:

  • A deepening of your self awareness as coach. The program provides many opportunities to apply the TA frameworks to yourself. It fits firmly within the ICF Competency 2: Embodies a Coaching Mindset
  • A deepening of your ability to use the TA frameworks to support your coaching practice especially in terms of deep listening and inviting change.


•      Jan: Connecting, contracting, educational philosophies, script & learning cycle, Kolb and Zull, Learning Style Inventory

•      Feb: Group imagoes, Cycle of Development, Competence Curve

•      Mar: Ego states - structural, 2nd order structural, diagnosis

•      Apr: Ego states - functional, executive and real self, cathexis

•      May: Transactions - 3 basic, tangential, redefining, bulls eye

•      Jun: Hungers, strokes, time structuring

•      Jul: Life positions, I count, You count and power, overview of script theory, memories

•      Aug: Script matrix: injunctions, drivers, episcript, script interview

•      Sep: Script process, script & autonomy system

•      Oct: Games, Drama & Winners triangle, bystander role, social roles

•      Nov: Symbiosis, discounting, accounting, miniscript

•      Dec: Cultural scripts (Berne & Denton Roberts),  presentations and celebration of learning


On completion of the full year program you will receive a certificate of completion. This can be a stand alone certificate or be used towards ongoing advanced TA training moving towards the TA certification of Certified Transactional Analyst (CTA)

If you are an ICF credentialed coach you can claim  69 CCEs  (CC 46 & RD 23). The ICF has granted these in two certificates:

•      Advanced Transactional Analysis - Applied Psychology for Coaches (part 1) Jan - Jun

•      Advanced Transactional Analysis - Applied Psychology for Coaches (part 2) Jul - Dec

A minimum of 90% attendance is required for the certificates to be awarded.


Coaching Development is proud to partner with TA Matters in offering this program.

The Trainer

The program will be led by Karen Pratt, PCC and Teaching and Supervising Transactional Analyst TSTA (learning / education speciality). She is part of an internationally recognised group of TA trainers & supervisors certified to train Transactional Analysis. Karen has been immersed in TA since 2000 and runs virtual TA training groups with people from as far as South Africa, the UK, Europe and India.

She is currently Chair of the South African Transactional Analysis Association and Co-chair of the Professional Standards Committee of the Internal Board of Certification for the International Transactional Analysis Association (ITAA). In this role she is engaged in an exciting and radical re-visioning of the training and certification process to be more congruent in upholding the philosophy and values of social justice, cultural diversity and ecological awareness.

“I am excited to hear that coaching development is launching a TAFY full year program. I have undertaken my coach and coach supervision training and TA101 and TA202 with CD. All have proven so helpful in my coaching and supervision practice. I was eager to join Karen for the TAFY full year program, virtually in SA, as I knew it was going to inform and deepen my practice. The group was fantastic and the learning profound. If you want to truly work in relationship and develop your inner self in service of your coaching/supervision clients, then this course is an essential part of the journey”

- Lesley Cave (PCC), Coach Supervisor, Coach mentoring and Training, Rook Tree Coaching, UK.

“As a coach and coach supervisor I was looking for a strong psychological framework to support my practice. I thought the TA  Foundation Year programme would be a good complement to my supervision diploma. I was thinking in terms of CPD, but what I experienced was transformational and impactful. It was a humble journey of 'meeting me again'. I feel I have grown so much as a professional, as a parent, a partner, a sister, a daughter and in all my other roles. My coaching and supervision practice have changed, deepened and widened. I gained a new language, inviting my clients to join me in new conversations where they, too, meet themselves again.”

- Sophie Bruas, Executive Coach (PCC), Coach Supervisor, Mentor Coach, Akili Vantage, Nairobi, Kenya.

“The TA programme with Karen was thorough, comprehensive, well structured and full of rich learning. For a year I was immersed in TA models, theories and thinking with Karen, an amazing, knowledgeable and thoughtful tutor, to guide me through it all. Thank you Karen for creating a such an in-depth and wide reaching learning experience”

- Geraldine Wood, The Team Whisperer, UK

“The TA foundation course was a wonderful immersion in the ideas, frameworks and practice of TA. The beauty of this work is it’s simplicity, and the teaching allowed each of us to build our own relationship to the tools in a way that made it easy to apply in my coaching and organisation practice. Highly recommended!”

- Michael Henderson, Distillery, Coach, Leadership Development, SA

Karen PrattAbout Karen...

Karen Pratt  PCC, TSTA (E), has worked with Coaching Development in South Africa for many years.

Karen has been immersed in the people development arena since 2008 - as a professional coach, coach supervisor, and trainer.

She is based in South Africa and is one of the forerunners in making Transactional Analysis practical and understandable across many areas of learning - from community organisations in her own country, to teachers in India, and to professional coaches and coach supervisors across the world.

Karen holds the international TA certification of a Training and Supervising Transactional Analyst (TSTA) in the educational field, and Diplomas in Coaching, Coach Supervision and Appreciative Inquiry. 

She facilitates the TA 101 and TA 202 programmes twice each year and has many years of online learning experience, creating a safe and energetic learning space in which people from diverse cultures can have authentic and transformative learning encounters.

Karen is Co-Chair of the Professional Standards Committee of the International Transactional Analysis Association and is engaged in an exciting & radical review of the process of professional TA training & certification to account for social, ecological and pedagogical inclusion. 

Her book, that combines the usefulness of TA as the psychological framework for coaching, Transactional Analysis Coaching (Routledge, 2021) has been well received across the world and has already been translated into Japanese and French. She has contributed chapters for two TA books and has 12 published articles in various TA publications.

Karen is most alive when facilitating learning in a co-creative way. Her focus encompasses both the learning of skills, as well as the deepening of a sense of being within the skills.


2025 Workshops
When Sat 25th Jan; Fri 21st Feb; Sat 22nd Mar; Fri 25th Apr; Sat 31st May; Fri 27th Jun; Sat 19th Jul; Fri 29th Aug; Sat 27th Sep; Fri 24th Oct; Sat 22nd Nov; Fri 12th Dec, 2025.
Where Online via Zoom platform
Time UK - 8am to 3pm
CCEUs This training carries 69 International Coaching Federation CCEs (46 CC & 23 RD)
Language UK English
Fee £120 per training day (£1,440 total for programme attendance) + VAT
Additional 20% surcharge on fees for those wishing to take up the ICF CCE certificate (£1,728 total for programme attendance and ICF CCE certificate) + VAT
Booking Please call the office on +44 (0)20 8541 1313 to book your place or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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