We're delighted to introduce our new Winter School. Several workshops will be offered over four days on the following topics: Ideals, illusions and stories: Push and Pull in the Coaching Process; Taking a Fresh Look at the Competencies; Coaching for Change or Coaching through Transition; Working with Beliefs to Enable Effective Transition and Positive Change.  

As usual, you can expect these sessions to be immersive and experiential. They're for those of you who wish to learn new approaches, develop your practice, deepen your understanding, meet colleagues, build your CCE's, or give yourself an early learning Christmas present! 

Further details are set out below; you're welcome to come and join us for as many days as you'd like...

Morning of 21st November
Ideals, illusions and stories: Push and Pull in the Coaching Process - with Colin Brett

This 3-hour workshop focuses on the features of the ideal self, and then presents the concept of intentional change. We discuss how the coach can contain the client’s natural anxiety when journeying towards change, and how the coach can co-create conditions for change to happen. The workshop indicates the importance of developing rites and rituals as milestones on the journey and investigates some illusions and distractions which can get in the client’s way of success.

Afternoon of 21st November
Taking a Fresh Look at the Competencies -  with Colin Brett

The ICF has a competency framework which defines 11 areas as the foundation on which coaching stands.  Other acrediting bodies (EMCC and AC, for example) have similar but different frameworks.  Is one better than the other? When were they developed and by whom?  

This workshop introduces a set of competencies which are different from the usual ICF framework.  Participants will familiarise themselves with this framework, have the opportunity to review a piece of (their) work through this fresh lens and thus enrich and deepen their practice.  

22nd November
Coaching for Change or Coaching Through Transition - with Sandra Wilson

What brings our clients to us? Often an event, a change in their lives, a desire to be different, internal or external pressure. Turbulence in some shape or form. We will explore the concept of change for a systemic perspective and consider how a change in one part of the system forces change in other parts of the same system and the subsequent human reaction to change. 

In this workshop Sandra will present her thinking on the difference between change and transition, change being an event and transition being a psychological experience. Participants will be invited to consider their work using this frame of reference considering how we engage our clients in psychological transition in pursuit of insight, choice, decision and action. We will look at how we can reframe change to work as peaceful ambassadors of transition.

23rd November
Surfacing the Unconscious – Discovering the Three Aspects of Self - with Sandra Wilson

This Masterclass is for coaches and supervisors who are seeking to develop their understanding of themselves to better serve the parties to the professional relationship.  It is based on research done by the presenter into how the coach’s unconscious mind influences the coaching process.  The day will start with a short explanation of the research question; the methodology and the findings.  

Participants will be invited to engage in a journey of discovery which identifies not only the coach’s relationship with the external parties to the contract but also with different parts of self. They will then have the opportunity to work with metaphor, symbolic representation and metaphoric landscape. Participants will travel from mental activity, reflecting on lived experience, perceptions and events to the exploration of mental constructs which are inferred, discovered and translated into conscious awareness.

Participants will be expected to coach/supervise each other to support the journey of self-discovery.

24th November
Working with Beliefs to Enable Effective Transition and Positive Change - with Tracy Sinclair

Our beliefs and belief structures underpin and inform everything we do, be they helpful or otherwise. Even empowering beliefs may become outdated or not be useful or appropriate in certain contexts.

In this one day workshop, we will look at how and why beliefs are formed and structured. We will work practically to identify core beliefs and the influence they have over our mind and body, and perhaps even our soul, or at least our sense of identity. We will also experiment with a belief change process and finally consider how this work can positively inform our own thinking and mindset when it comes to change, as well as enable our clients to navigate their own life transitions and changes more effectively.


Trainer Bios

Colin Brett BA (Hons), MA, MSc, MA, MAPPCP, TSTA(O), PCC, BACP Senior PractitionerColin Brett

Colin is the Founder and Director of Coaching Development, one of the UK’s foremost providers of accredited coach training. He has been instrumental in many coaches achieving their credentials. He also offers credentialed coaches workshops in continuing professional development, particularly in supervision, transactional analysis and team coaching.

Among other accreditations Colin is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC), a Teaching and Supervising Transactional Analyst in Organisations (one of six in the UK), an NLP coach and a Senior Practitioner with the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy. He is a Lego Serious Play Facilitator and is currently learning (for the fourth time) about organisational and family constellations. He has just qualified as a Credentialing Specialist.

His interest focuses in on the mind of the organisation, developing positive leadership and the value of emotional intelligence in the workplace.

Dr Sandra Wilson (DProf Coaching Psychology), MProf, MA, BA, MCC Dr Sandra Wilson

Sandra is a Master Certified Coach (MCC) with the International Coach Federation (ICF). Sandra was awarded a Professional Masters Equivalent in Coaching, in 2009, based on recognition and accreditation of learning. She has recently been awarded a Doctorate.  The research subject being “The impact of the coach’s unconscious mind on the coaching process”.

She is also internationally accredited to teach and supervise others in the organisational application of Transactional Analysis (TA). Sandra uses TA to develop her client's understanding of the unique role the unconscious plays in how human beings interact, communicate and build relationships. She teaches TA to Coaches to support the development of a philosophy based approach to building their coaching framework.

Sandra defines coaching as “An insight and action-oriented development intervention focussed on increasing the coachee’s effectiveness in his or her operating environment”. 

Tracy Sinclair PCC

Tracy is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with the International Coach Federation (ICF). She is also a trained Coaching Supervisor, Mentor Coach and an ICF Assessor.

She works as an international Corporate Executive and Board Level Coach, a leadership development designer and facilitator, working with a wide range of organisations. Tracy also specialises in working with organisations to support them to develop a coaching culture.

She currently sits on various UK, EMEA and Global ICF working groups to promote and enhance professional coaching. Tracy was the President of the UK ICF from 2013-2014 and has been a ICF Global Board Director since 2016, serving as Treasurer in 2017, Global Chair in 2018 and currently holding the position of Immediate Past Global Chair.




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