‘Presence’ is arguably the most significant coaching competency – the foundation on which all the other competencies are built. The effectiveness of your coaching depends on the quality of your presence and attention – your ability to ‘hold the space’ for the client’s process of enquiry, insight and change.

Mindfulness is the most effective training to develop this deep presence and awareness. With roots in ancient practices, mindfulness is about paying attention in the present moment to yourself, others and your environment. Developed through meditation and other simple mindful exercises, it counteracts the human tendency to get stuck on ‘autopilot’, when your attention is caught up in repetitive thoughts, emotions, worries and memories.

Mindfulness has been shown in clinical research to alleviate stress, depression and a wide range of physiological conditions. And it’s being rapidly embraced in the corporate world as an effective way to improve productivity, smart thinking and personal wellbeing.

As well as teaching you how to nurture your own wellbeing and coaching presence, mindfulness also provides a set of psychological self-management tools that you can pass on to your clients.

On this two day workshop you will learn:

  1. What mindfulness is: roots, origins and practices. Discover its natural affinity with coaching, how it enhances it (i.e. offering it as another psychological model). ABC model.
  2. Introducing Acceptance and Commitment Therapy: blending the principles and techniques of coaching and mindfulness, helping clients to cultivate a deep acceptance of their thoughts and feelings and then to take effective action rooted in a profound connection with their values.
  3. How to practise simple, clinically-proven mindfulness techniques to enhance your own wellbeing, thinking processes and emotional resilience, and then sharing these techniques with your clients.
  4. Using mindfulness as a coach to enhance the ICF coaching competencies:
  • hold the broadest perspective whilst also focusing on the client’s agenda (contracting)
  • build a natural, compassionate rapport with the client (trust and intimacy)
  • be fully available for the client with curiosity and calm non-judgment (presence)
  • listen deeply to what is really going on for the client (active listening)
  • develop your confidence to say what needs to be said (powerful questioning, direct communication and creating awareness)
  • understand when ‘doing’ needs to be counterbalanced by ‘being’, enabling clients’ actions to be authentic and effective (designing actions, planning and goal          setting and managing progress and accountability)


- Fantastic 2 days with much to reflect upon and utilise.

- Absolutely beautifully challenging two days.

- A great course – well worth it. Should be a mandatory part of coach training.

- Excellent, thought-provoking, nicely paced.

- 'I found Tim's training extremely helpful. As an experienced coach who had read quite a lot about Mindfulness I wasn't clear how to integrate it into my practice in ways which were ethical and true to the core principles of my training with Coaching Development. Tim's course was great because he spelt out very clearly how Mindfulness aligns with core ICF competencies and could be used to enhance our skills around these. He gave us practical exercises we could use with our clients, especially to help them when they arrive at a session with heads full of clutter and need a way of focusing on which issue was most important for them to work with. I've used these exercises with several clients who said they were really helpful.'

About our Trainer

Tim SegallerTim Segaller is a specialist in the field of psychological resilience, and a pioneer in the fusion of mindfulness and coaching. He is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with the International Coach Federation (ICF), a Mindfulness Trainer and qualified Workplace Mediator.

He is co-founder and Director of Rising Minds, a social enterprise providing coaching and mindfulness training in a range of settings – in businesses and organisations, and in the community to people on a low income. He has extensive experience of leading mindfulness courses – often integrated with one-to-one coaching – to these diverse audiences.

"With a passion for helping people understand themselves and achieve their full potential in any and every area of life and work. I seek to bring to my coaching and mindfulness training warmth and sensitivity, combined with robustness and clear insight. The cornerstone of my approach is a fundamental belief that all people have an innate tendency towards positive change when two primary conditions are in place: awareness and compassion."

When              17th and 18th February, 2018.
Timings 9.00am - 5.00pm
Where the Highbury Venue, 59 Compton Road, Islington, London. N1 2PB
CCEUs CCEUs 12.66 (12 of which are Core Competencies and .66 of which are Resource Development)
Fee £325.00 + VAT
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