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Coaching Development (CD) is excited to launch this blended learning programme designed for people who want to benefit from a high quality, interactive, and experiential training in coaching skills, delivered face-to-face and through webinars.

This program, delivering 83 learning hours, will equip you with the training hours to take the International Coach Federation’s (ICF) entry level exam, the Associate Certified Coach (ACC). The programme consists of a thorough immersion in the ICF’s core competencies, the structures and processes of coaching conversations and an ethical approach to this type of developmental work. The learning is primarily experiential, and is supported by reading, reflecting and blogging. In between the taught days you will be engaging in coaching conversations which will enable you to consolidate and deepen your coaching ability.

Coaching Development has a worldwide presence as a training institution, and has been training professional coaches and managers since 2003.

The 83 learning hours consists of

  • 49 hours of synchronous (real time) learning, comprising 7 days spread over 4-5 months. Days 1-3 will be held face to face in Bangalore, and days 4-7 will then run one day every 3 or 4 weeks thereafter through the internet. Each day comprises 7 hours of learning.
  • 24 hours of inter-modular coaching practice – 12 hours as coach and 12 hours as coachee..
  • A minimum of 10 hours of other learning: reading a coaching book, keeping a reflective journal of your learnings about coaching and yourself on your coaching journey, blogging, etc.
  • 64 hours of the 83 learning hours have been accredited by the ICF as a complete ACSTH programme.
  • The face-to-face training will run concurrently in Johannesburg and participants from Africa will be joining the webinars.

Course approach to learning

The didactic part of The Coach Practitioner will provide you with a robust foundation in coaching theory and approaches. Coaching Development’s philosophy is that the best learning happens when we can apply what we are learning to ourselves as well as to others. Thus you will have many opportunities to reflect on yourself, how you be in the world and how you can use these theories when coaching others. Through a combination of theoretical input and experiential work, with extensive practice, observations of your coaching and regular formal feedback from your observer, you will develop the knowledge, attitudes and skills required of a competent, ethical practitioner of coaching.

Practice and development

You will practise and receive feedback on your coaching each day, and twice receive formal verbal feedback from a qualified observer. Between days 3 and 7 you will submit three recordings of your coaching and receive three written pieces of feedback on your use of the ACC level coaching skills. This feedback focuses on current strengths and offers pathways for future development.


  • Day 1: First steps - connecting, definitions and distinctions, co-designing goals, active listening, questioning, introduction to ICF core competencies.
  • Day 2: Further foundations - listening at depth, well-formed outcomes, giving feedback, structuring a coaching conversation, deepening ICF competency knowledge.
  • Day 3: States, action and assessment - communication styles, creating alternatives and action plans, observed coaching, self-assessment.
  • Day 4: Moving beyond the spoken - working with the inner critic, listening for assumptions and values, states of mind, using Clean Language.
  • Day 5: Coaching the person - coaching styles, listening for beliefs, Immunity to Change, Brief Solution-Focussed approach.
  • Day 6: Getting out of our own way - Cognitive-Behavioural approach to coaching, minimising ourselves and others, listening for positives, Karpman’s Drama Triangle.
  • Day 7: Identity and assessment - behaviours, identity and mission, ethics, coaching in context, observed coaching, personal development plan.


On completion of all parts of this training, Coaching Development will issue you with a Certificate.  Participants are encouraged to apply to the ICF for a professional credential as soon as they fulfil the criteria as outlined on

The Trainer

This programme will be led by Karen Pratt, PCC. Karen trained with Coaching Development and is a valued member of its training staff. Karen is Africa’s only Teaching and Supervising Transactional Analyst in Education and is also a certified Coach Supervisor and Appreciative Inquiry Facilitator and Trainer. Karen works as a learning consultant in a variety of sectors, as well as training and examining in Transactional Analysis internationally.


Full fees: INR 85 000.00

Early Bird paid in full by 31st August 2020: INR 76 500.00

For applications and more details, contact Karen Pratt at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 082 450 8331


Days 1-3 - face-to-face - 19th - 21st September, 2020, in Bangalore (venue to be confirmed).

Day 4 - webinar - Monday, 26th October, 2020
Day 5 - webinar - Friday, 20th November, 2020
Day 6 - webinar - Saturday, 19th December, 2020
Day 7 - webinar - Saturday, 23rd January, 2021

Webinars run from 11.30am to 8.30pm IST

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